Action Comics Gets New STEEL Backup

It’s one thing to be the man of steel, but another thing entirely to be a man who wears steel. Today DC announced that John Henry Irons, whom Grant Morrison used to such great effect during 52, is going to be centre-stage for an eight-page backup story written by Sholly Fisch and drawn by Brad Walker. Launching out from the central storyline of Morrison’s fourth issue on the series, the story will see Irons don his famous Superman tribute costume and take on the job of protecting the streets of Metropolis.

Following that, issue 5 and 6 will have backups that focus on the Kents, Clark’s Earthbound parents, with the art drawn by CrissCross. Then Walker returns for the unknown seventh backup, before issue #8 features an extended-length issue by Morrison and Morales, as they conclude the first stroy-arc.

This will be the second DC series to get a back-up, after it was announced last month that Geoff Johns and Gary Frank would be producing a SHAZAM storyline to run in the back of Justice League. Expect Detective Comics to start picking up a back-up storyline somepoint soon – likely to focus on Jim Gordon or Renee Montoya.


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