Piggin’ Out #3

Waiting to find out where the rest of the President is? You may need to throw cold water over yourself. Issue #3 of Cosby and McCool’s Image series ‘Pigs’ is more focused on developing the Russian kill-crew dead-set on causing some kind of trouble for the USA. This issue flicks back and forth between a flashback in Cuba and modern-day hijinks in America, quickly developing up the characters in a cheery way. And by cheery way, we mean some child boxing followed by people yelling at each other.

The series seems to have slowed down a little from the hectic opener and measured second issue, which is both good and bad. Obviously it’d be nice if we could jump through this bit of story and get to the part where the President gets chopped up by a stone-cold Russian woman, but we also have about twelve different characters wandering around in the story, and it’s nice to have them defined more. We now know that there are five members of the kill-crew, and five people masterminding the operation. While Felix’s mission progresses along, we get to flashback to the five people who are seemingly in charge of things here.

Oleg and Yuri are two of them, with a mystery beardy-bloke (is he the one who dies in issue #1?) and two mystery women also present at the ‘meeting’. Oleg is the mardy one, while Yuri is the soft one who doesn’t want to force children to fight each other in preparation for their possible future involvement in a presidential assassination. The women may well be the two women we’ve seen in issues 1 and 2, who are currently sat in FBI custody and a family home, respectively. At this point, McCool and Cosby and still holding things close to their chests.

On the present-day side of things, Felix’s mission seems to be going well. They’re sent to the home of an American senator, who is apparently going to give them some information. But judging by the final page, it may well be a *slightly* forceful negotiation. Never bring a bazooka into your bedroom, guys. The infiltration at the end of this issue is the only part which feels a little wonky, as the writers’ decision to stick to realistic dialogue means we aren’t really told what’s going on. It looks as though somebody has replaced all the bullets with tranquiliser darts, but I don’t really know who, or why. Felix would’ve been my first bet, but he’s in the battle just like everybody else. So perhaps something else is going on?

If you have any thoughts on the issue – which was a bit quicker than the other two, a little more sparse – then share them in the comments. LET’S GET SOME KIND OF PIGGY DISCOURSE GOING ON, GUYS! Or, let’s all wait till next month, when issue #4 looks set to explain some of what’s going on right now.


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