X-23 Cancelled

Always a poisoned chalice, it’s been announced that Marvel’s ongoing ‘X-23’ series has been cancelled. The book, which featured the soulless female clone of Wolverine wandering around the world; kissing vampires, being distracted by Gambit, cutting herself, and generally playing second-fiddle to superior side-characters (such as Daken, Ms Sinister, Susan Storm and others); is widely reported as being Marvel’s only female-led title right now. Which forgets the fact that Fearless is about Valkyrie, Generation Hope is about Hope Summers, and that X-Men Legacy has been a Rogue title for about three years. For example. But that doesn’t help people cry feminism over nothing, so those details are generally ignored.

Let’s get down to it: X-23 was notable for being a series about a character who didn’t have any deep thoughts – who wasn’t naturally prone to narrative, dialogue, or characterisation- and yet got all three on several occasions. The title also featured artwork from Sana Takeda, Phil Noto and Will Conrad, and so looked fantastic throughout. January’s issue #20, which seems to wrap up many plot threads before sending the character over to Avengers Academy, looks to be the last issue for the creative team. X-23 will also be appearing in some kind of mini-event alongside Venom and… dunno, some random other characters. We’ve not really been keeping track of that one. So you’ve still got that to look forward to, X-23-fans!

The series is survived by reams of relentless, comprehensive and explicit Gambit/X-23 fanfiction.


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