In Which Comics Vanguard Rushes Off a List of Batman Villains who’d be good in the next Arkham Game

Which we imagine will be called Arkham A3ylum.

1: The Arkham Family

The founder of Arkham Asylum – Amadeus Arkham – was driven mad by the murder of his wife and child (as seen in Grant Morrison’s dense and artistically-unreadable story “A Serious House on Serious Earth”. In the original Arkham Asylum game we found out that this story was still in-canon, and that the “Spirit of Arkham” was apparently still hanging around, tormenting the inmates and Warden Quincey Sharp. Although that seems to have been explained away as merely Hugo Strange using mind-controlling hats on Sharp (what a wonderful thing comics are, you guys, that they let me write such a sentence), that doesn’t mean the Arkham family aren’t still about somewhere.

2: Red Hood

Jason Todd was the second Robin, and was hated by fans. He was killed off by the audience surrogate, Joker (and you NEVER considered what they suggested about you lot, DID YOU, EIGHTIES AMERICA?) and thought gone forever. Which, obviously, never actually happens. He came back as a villain called ‘The Red Hood’, and caused barely any problems for Bruce upon his return. In the game universe, however, he’s not been mentioned yet. While we’ve seen Dick Grayson and Tim Drake wandering around, Jason Todd is mysertiously absent. Is he going to show up in the third game, perhaps?

3: The Ventriloquist

Teased repeatedly in the first two games, the rise and fall of dummy “Scarface” has had players riveted for hours. That may be an overstatement. But after Batman’s spent so much time fighting monsters like Bane and Killer Croc, what could be more dehabilitating than matinee vaudeville acts?

4: All Grant Morrison’s Characters

We’re talking Doctor Hurt, Professor Pyg, Flamingo and more! They’re already incredibly demented characters, perfect for a game about villainous depravity and excess, and Pyg’s three-issue stint in Morrison’s Batman & Robin run is still thought of as one of the most crazy, defining moments in recent Batman history. He, in particular, would be amazing in Arkham Ci-Three

5: Killer Moth

Okay, let’s get serious. Killer Moth would be ridiculous. But could he be RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING? No, probably just ridiculous. Let’s not waste any more time on him.

6: Maxie Zeus

Now we’re talking! This walking Greek God-delusion has yet to appear in the game series, although his cell was in Arkham Asylum and his presence ominous in Arkham City. He’d be a flashy, dynamic, awesome mid-level boss, if not intellectual enough to prove the mastermind behind everything.

7: Crazy Quilt

Legitimately exists.

8: The Synaptic Kid

Again – legitimately exists.

9: Joe Chill

Tha man who killed the Waynes! He’s not been even referenced in either game to our knowledge. Is that because he’s been excised from history, or is it because Bruce has yet to find ou the identity of his parents’ killer? Either way, we hope to see Joe at least referenced when the time comes for Arkham and Robin.

10: Bat-Mite

Not, strictly speaking, actually a villain for Batman. But we would FREAK OUT if Mite ever showed up in a gritty, realistic Batman game. He’d be all floating about, making snide comments about Batman’s mental health, and it’d be FANTASTIC. Bat-Mite is probably the purest form of Batman that exists, and it would be a crime for him not to get his moment of glory.


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