Kate Beaton gets to the heart of Wonder Woman

There’s been quite a lot of debate about Brian Azzarello’s reinterpretation of Wonder Woman for the New 52, as well as debate about Wondy in general. Does she deserve the iconic status that she has, when nobody can remember anything about her origin or personality? Kate Beaton, writer of everybody’s favourite webcomic Hark, A Vagrant!, offers a look into what’s really going on here.

And while it’s a jokey look at the character, it does raise a few worthy points about her. With nothing to define her in the of the general public (other than her costume and invisible jet), is Azzarello’s decision to make her into what is essentially Xena Warrior Princess a clever step towards building up a repuation for the character? At any rate, we always welcome the chance to post Kate Beaton’s work up on ComVan. Go buy her book! It’ll make everybody a great Christmas present.

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