Marvel Mash Avengers Vs X-Men

It all becomes clear. After Jeph Loeb’s miniseries about Cable fighting the Avenegrs (called X-Sanction, starting later this month), Marvel have announced that the rest of the X-Men will join in the fight next year. Avengers Vs X-Men will be written by all five of the Marvel Architects – that’s Jason Aaron, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman and Ed Brubaker, fact-fans – and drawn by a rotating art team of Oliver Coipel, John Romita Jr, and Adam Kubert. Here’s an image for the event, drawn by Jim Cheung:

A twelve-issue storyline released fortnightly, the series basically take this approach: THE PHOENIX IS COMING! IT WANTS HOPE SUMMERS! DOES IT? EVERYBODY FIGHT!

We’re not going to be fans of this storyline, you guys. We’re sorry to immediately come up with a bias, but only one of the five writers has proven himself cable of actually writing the X-Men well. Fraction and Brubaker have already tried Uncanny X-Men to little success and dull stories, whilst Bendis’ infrequent attempts to bring the X-Men into his stories (including his introduction of Wolverine and Storm into the Avengers) have gone down badly. The three artists aren’t going to gel very well, either.

The main news from this story, really, is that Cable’s future now looks increasingly ominous. The focus of X-Sanction is his attempt to keep the Avengers from finding out about the Phoenix Force. Now we know that they’re going to find out about the Phoenix Force – and that Cable is missing from all the teasers – Cable’s return appears to be short-lived.


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