Ryan Stegman’s ‘Scarlet Spider’ interior artwork revealed

Last night saw Marvel put out one of their “everybody pay attention” phonecalls to all the major comic-book websites (minus the still-shunned Comics Vanguard, natch), this time pertaining to Chris Yost and Ryan Stegman’s ‘Scarlet Spider’ series. The book, which features Peter Parker’s clone ‘Kaine’ as the central character, trying to work out if he’s a hero or not, spins off from the recent ‘Spider-Island’ storyline by Dan Slott.

But look, we know what you guys really want to see. You want to see a page from inside the comic, as drawn by ComVan favourite Ryan Stegman! Without you even having to say a word, let us deliver upon that for you:

The interview, by the way, can be found on all major comic-book websites (minus Comics Vanguard, double-natch). But the main detail which we found interesting was that Yost plans to bring The Assassins Guild into the story – which means possible returns for favourites like Black Mamba and Belladonna! Time to get excited!


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