Wolverine and Beast to Betray Mutantkind during AvX

AvX being the official shortening for Avengers Vs X-Men, Marvel’s big 2012 event storyline.

During a liveblog held RIGHT NOW, writer Jason Aaron has revealed that former X-Men members Beast and Wolverine will side with The Avengers during this event.

* Storm, meanwhile, will be uncertain of which side to choose – which might be interesting, because her husband Black Panther has been confirmed to side with The Avengers during the storyline.

* Tom Brevoort noted that the only titles to tie-in to the storyline will be Avengers or X-Men titles – everything else will run along with their current stories.

* The Young Avengers and Avengers Academy characters will be drawn into the series as it progresses, as Cap calls on everybody to help back him up.

* The story will begin next April with an issue called “AvX 0”, which acts as a prologue for the rest of the story


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