Harvey Tolibao joins Green Arrow

Sorry for being gone for forty-eight whole hours, you guys! ComVan was busy trying to find out who the next writer of the Avengers will be. More on that investigation soon! But now, let’s get to talking about Green Arrow. Look! For there is preview art!

It’s time to talk about the exciting next development in Ann Nocenti’s already-triumphant return to the world of comics, as writer of DC’s Green Arrow series. On top of Nocenti’s prose, the comic will also benefit from the manic angles of Harvey Tolibao, who comes fresh from runs on X-Men Legacy and Chris Yost’s Psylocke miniseries for Marvel. Tolibao’s artwork is distinctive in the extreme, and putting him on the comic is the equivalent of hiring Sam Raimi to direct a film for you. Green Arrow is already one of the most anticipated titles of 2012, but things just got even more exciting.


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