Jason Aaron Prepares to Conclude his Wolverine Run

Marvel’s fourth ‘mystery call’ of the week has brought us the news that, with Wolverine #300, Jason Aaron will begin to wrap up his lengthy run with the character. The issue will kick off a new storyline featuring Wolverine against the Yakusa, and will tie together msot, if not all, of the plot threads that the writer has been dangling over the past four or so years.

Wolverine was arguably the launchpad for Aaron’s career, so this was a tough decision for him to make. After winning a talent competition years and years ago, Aaron was invited to submit a short Wolverine story for an anthology. That led to work with Vertigo on ‘Scalped’, and ultimately to a full Wolverine storyline called ‘Get Mystique’. A fan-favourite, that storyline lined him up for a long run with Wolverine, seeing the character go to hell, fight time-travellers, and carry out Nightcrawler’s final wishes.

Although this is Aaron’s last solo story with Wolverine for the time being, he stressed that he’d still be writing “Wolverine and the X-Men” for Marvel.


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