The Night of the Owls

What’s better at flying than a bat? A plane. But also, an owl. And Scott Snyder is going to exploit that later this year, as he ups the stakes of his current Batman story and delves into the history of ‘The Court of Owls’. Introduced in Batman #1, so far we’ve only seen teases that this shadowy coven have been controlling Gotham City’s fortunes for decades, but Batman #8 looks to be the issue which really brings them a spotlight.

Beginning with that issue, DC will start telling backup stories in the main Batman book which reveal the full extent of the Owls’ control, and their history with Gotham City. Co-written by Snyder and James Tynion IV, these backups will be drawn by Snyder’s old American Vampire collaborator, Rafael Albuquerque.

In May, things will come to a head, as a massive Batman crossover event called The Night of the Owls begins, and looks set to rope in Nightwing, Batgirl, and several other titles as The Court of Owls make their move on Gotham. Who will win?! Probably Batman, in fairness. But it should be a close match!


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