Time for a Cold Johnston

Antony Johnston, writer of Wasteland and Daredevil and we’re also fairly sure he wrote a book with Misty Knight in it which was drawn by Wellington Alves but we’re blanking on the title right now… has announced his newest project! An original graphic novel, called “The Coldest City”. Drawn by Sam Hart, this spy story set during the last few days of the Berlin Wall looks set to evoke memories of Graham Greene and John LeCarre, amongst others.

It’s a bit of a change of pace for Johnston, who is more known for the apocalyptic Oni Press series Wasteland and for growing fabulous moustaches. But a welcome one, as the spy genre hasn’t ever really been covered by the comic-book world. The story sees MI6 strugglign to recover after one of their European Agents is killed, and top secret dossiers go missing in the aftermath. Documents which happen to contain a list of every undercover agent in Europe. The story also features a main character called Lorraine, which is totally awesome.

Also published by Oni Press, The Coldest City will be available from May, and is available for pre-order now.

(The coldest city in the World, incidentally, is probably Hull)


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