Cosby and Eliopoulos Bring Back The Wild West

New comic alert! Although Nate Cosby is currently giving us one of the bloodiest comics on the stands right now, in the form of Image’s ‘Pigs’ series, he’s better known for masterminding many of Marvel’s all-ages titles. Thor: The Mighty Avenger and the Oz books came to print primarily because of his work behind the scenes, and this week he’s finally returned to the world of all-ages entertainment. ‘Cow Boy’ is a soon-to-be-published original graphic novel by Cosby and frequent collaborator and all-ages mastermind in his own right Chris Eliopoulos.

Published by Archaia, the hardcover for this story comes out in March. But what is it about you ask, opting not to include any grammatical symbols as you do so. Well, it’s about a Cow Boy, who is on a mission to liberate the wild west from some of the meanest, toughest varmints (oh boy, I so love using that word) to ever strut the sands. Oh, and those varmints all happen to be members of his family.

Excellently, Cosby and Eliopoulos have put some prequel chapters of the book online, at And guys, these are some really, really good comics. The characterisation is already smashing, with Boyd Linney – our Cow Boy himself – shaping up to be an excellent compadre (boy oh boy! wild west words are AWESOME). Eliopoulos is an amazing talent, and his work here is gritty and cartoonish at the same time. His character designs are fun and interesting, and he draws a mean six-shooter.

Hee. I love the Wild West. Look out for the hardcover when it comes out in March, and catch up with the comic at the official website!


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