Damning Batwoman with Five Pages

While the New 52 has been kind to DC in general, it’s offered mixed blessings for the Batman titles. Batgirl remains controversial, while Tony Daniel’s Detective Comics run has been widely criticised. The Dark Knight is considered niche, but Scott Snyder’s Batman series is critically acclaimed. Nightwing is rather enjoyable, and Nightwing has been a pleasant surprise. But what of Batwoman, which lost a writer, hired an artist as a writer, brought in a co-writer and now adds a new writer?

Let’s discuss Five Pages.

The first page and
the second page form this double-page splash. Double-page splashes aren’t uncommon for Batwoman: J.H. Williams enjoys writing and drawing them, so it’s understandable that he puts them into his scripts so frequently. These pages show Batwoman being shot at by a machine gun – however, the bullets tink off her armour-plated costume and protect her from harm. There is one line of dialogue. In most comics, this would be one small panel establishing a threat, before the main panel deals with the hero’s reaction.

The third and
fourth page also form a double-page splash. In this sequence, the bullets fall to the ground, having bounced off the costume. Batwoman smiles and says “now it’s my turn”. We have now spent four pages – that’s almost a fifth of the issue – seeing bullets bounce off Kevlar. Nothing else happens here.

The fifth page. Batwoman leaps at the assailant. Full page splash. No dialogue.

So, let’s reiterate this. Five pages of the comic are spent on establishing that Batwoman wears an armoured suit. Something which most readers already assume, because she’s a goddamn superhero character with military training and equipment.

Don’t buy Batwoman, guys. It looks great, but the writing is an absolute mess, the story is garbage, and the character is rapidly devolving to a basic collection of character-tics and cliches. It’s a terrible damn comic. Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s get round to looking at some of the well-written comics released today.


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