An Incomplete List of the Awesome Stuff in Adventure Time #1

Adventure Time issue #1 came out this week. It’s amazing. If you noticed anything yourself that you want to hi-five about, then list it in the comments!

With that said, let’s list one amazing thing which happens on each page.

Page 1: A woodworm experiences the thrill of a lifetime

Page 2: We discover the exclusive news that the possibility of adventure occurring is UNLIMITED

Page 3: This is the first comic to ever be physically published, but with internet alt-text included on several pages. Uh-oh! Secret second jokes!

Page 4: The snail still thinks he’s made a friend.

Page 5: A two-headed duck!

Page 6: Slant asymptotic, dude.

Page 7: Jake tries to remind Finn about his priorities RE: saving lives

Page 8: Jake is also worried about Finn’s use of footholds

Page 9: Can’t pick just one thing

Page 10: dinosaur skeletons!

Page 11: The lettering goes BIG and then small and stretches out forrreevvveeerrrrrr

Page 12: Finn makes what appears to be a very rude gesture with his hand

Page 13: sweet neck grains!

Page 14: PENGUIN!

Page 15: To be continued – there will be an issue 2! It comes out next month!

Page 16 onwards: OH MY! A second story! Yayyyyyyyy

This may be the most incomprehensible post we’ve ever made. Adventure Time #1 is so much fun! Writer Ryan North has brilliantly matched the tone of the series, with artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb throwing in everything you could want to see in an Adventure Time comic. The backup story, both written and drawn by Aaron Renier, is excellent.

Kaboom have, as of this very moment, a PERFECT line-up of titles. There is not ONE dud amongst the batch – Peanuts is good, Adventure Time is great, and Snarked is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic stuff – now it’s up to every other company to try and match up with this incredibly high standard.


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