DC’s Questionable Creative Cascade Continues

DC are going to continue their “cascade” of creative-team switcharounds in May, with several artists tranferring from one book to another, for seemingly no reason. And… while we’ve already tried to hazard a guess at why they moved Jeff Lemire and Peter Milligan around earlier this month, throwing “Stormwatch” at Milligan and asking if he can save that sinking ship, we’re at a loss to explain the news that several of their artists are being moved from one title to another, apparently at random.

Animal Man will be the starting point here, as acclaimed artist Travel Foreman leaves the title which he is being acclaimed for and moves to Birds of Prey. He will be replaced by Steve Pugh, who drew several issues of the 1990s Animal Man title. This pushes current Birds of Prey artist Jesus Merino over to Resurrection Man. That then pushes current Resurrection Man artist Fernando Dagnino over onto Suicide Squad.

And, seemingly, current Suicide Squad artist Federico Dallocchio vanishes into the ether.

Why are DC switching around the creative teams so much? After a massively promising start for their New 52 Initiative, this seems like an unbelievable step backwards for the company. Birds of Prey and Animal Man have both been received well by readers and critics, and the loss of Foreman in particular is bound to hurt the current Animal Man series, for whom his art is a headline draw.

Hopefully all the artists will be able to switch their styles and adjust quickly to the new comics they’ll be drawing in May. Because otherwise, DC have just made a huge mistake.


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