Everybody Fights Talons for The Night of Owls

In which a legion of heavily-costumed thugs march into Gotham and attempt to stab everybody in a Bat-costume. Since when did the Batman books became a metaphor for Jewish suffering during WWII?
Well, anyway. The Night of Owls, Scott Snyder’s crossover storyline for the Bat-titles, starts in May proper. Among the titles taking part will be Batman, Nightwing, Batgirl, Batwing, Red Hood, Catwoman, Batman & Robin, and, uh, All-Star Western. Snyder will also write a Batman Annual which reintroduces classic villain Mr Freeze to readers of the New 52, as he is somehow connected to the Owls.

While the main title, Batman, is approaching the story as a way to look at Bruce Wayne’s self-belief and doubt, most of the other books seem to be approaching the story in a much simpler “let’s fight Talons NOW” way. Batgirl, Red Hood, Damian Wayne and Batwing all seem to be jumping in to the story just for a one-issue story where the main character fights one of the Talon villains. Batman: The Dark Knight is even getting involved, as Red Robin takes over the title to fight a Talon for a bit.

Other titles look to be getting more deeply involved in the story, however. Kyle Higgins; who is in charge of Nightwing and also helped co-create the Court of Owls way back with Scott Snyder during their “Gates of Gotham” miniseries; is getting involved in a slightly different way. It seems as though Dick Grayson will be fighting a “fake” Talon, so there’s some intrigue there. Catwoman is going to be protecting Penguin during the event, for some reason, while All-Star Western (which is set in the past) will look back to the first few years of the Court of Owls, and how their rise affected protagonist Jonah Hex.

Batwoman will completely ignore the crossover, for the time being, as will Detective Comics. And also, keep in mind that the event will be kept within the main books, with no new titles or spinoffs planned for the time being. Cost-effective!


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