IDW Have the True Blood Franchise Rights, and… Ann Nocenti?

In what seems like a series of bizarre unfolding creative choices, IDW Publishing have announced that they now have the rights to the True Blood franchise – Alan Ball’s vampires-having-sex-in-the-deep-south TV series. True Blood is a massively popular show all over the world, taking Twilight and extending it to the logical real-world conclusion of outlandish sex, drugs, and freakish horrible nightmares. So bringing it into the world of comics seems like a smart move, especially during a period when female readers are apparently in declince. True Blood has a HUGE female fanbase.

IDW have announced the creative team for this ongoing True Blood series to be… Ann Nocenti and Michael Gaydos. Let’s look into that a little bit.

That would be Ann Nocenti, the legendary Marvel editor and writer, whose Daredevil stories are still held as some of the best work ever done in mainstream comics. After years out of the industry, DC announced her – with considerable fanfare – as the new writer for their Green Arrow series. It was a massive coup. Now here she is, writing True Blood – but not alone. She’s getting a co-writer in the form of TV actor (and occasional comic writer) Michael McMillian. IDW have one of the biggest, most famous names in comics… and make her a co-writer. It seems more than a little bizarre, but then again, it’s hard to tell just how closely Nocenti follows the series. Perhaps she is here to plot the title, while McMillian – who obviously knows the characters well – can provide dialogue which matches them.

Michael Gaydos is best-known for his work drawing Alias, alongside Brian Michael Bendis. His art… doesn’t exactly seem suited for a comic which is meant to be filled with shiny, handsome people. Gaydos does realistic, imperfect characters. For him to be drawing a series like this seems strange, unless he’s changing his style.

But anyway, I suppose now we’ll have to read the first issue, to see what Nocenti does with it. It’s hard to resist.


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