The Return of Wakanda!

We first passed on the rumour about this storyline all the way back in August of last year. Were we ever so young?! And this week, Marvel have confirmed that the next arc of Jonathan Hickman’s ‘Fantastic Four’ series WILL INDEED centre on Black Panther, as he attempts to rebuild his broken country, Wakanda. If you remember, the ‘Doomwar’ miniseries saw BP forced into liquidating the country’s reserves of Vibranium, the precious metal which was the primary export and source of revenue for Wakanda. Well! Now it’s time for him to fix things up. The storyline, which features art by Ron Garney, will also cross over with FF, as the kids recruit a new Wakandan member of their science team as part of a field trip to Africa. The arc starts with Fantastic Four #606.

Here’s a cover by Mike Choi:

Victory for Comics Vanguard!!!


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