Chris Samnee Joins Daredevil

After we heard the news that Marcos Martin was leaving Mark Waid’s run on Daredevil to explore new, creator-owned shores, we were sad. A large part of the fun of the series came from watching Martin and Paolo Rivera engage in an extraordinary competition to see who could produce the most breathtaking artwork. With Martin gone, how could Marvel even hope to find somebody who was remotely in the same artistic league? Trust in editor Steve Wacker, because announced this week was the news that Chris Samnee, he of Thor The Mighty Avenger and Ultimate Spiderman fame, will be joining the series with issue #12. Rejoice! Samnee is certainly a worthy contender to face down Rivera, and the battle can be recommenced! Here’s a sketch Samnee drew at the start of January, likely before he even knew he’d be hired onto the actual Daredevil series. Expect greatness, you guys!


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