The Defenders: Back-Door Pilot for a New Iron Fist Series?

When it was first revealed, via enigmatic word-puzzle images, that Immortal Iron Fist Danny Rand would be one of the team-members for Matt Fraction’s Defenders relaunch, many were pleased to see Fraction returning to one of his most beloved characters. Immortal Iron Fist remains an absolutely brilliant book, featuring superb artwork from people like David Aja and Travel Foreman, so many were hopeful that this ongoing team book would hopefully bring more attention to the character, and bring him back into the A-List at Marvel.

Then it was revealed that Danny would be the featured player of Brian Michael Bendis’ New Avengers series, as they tie-in to Avengers Vs X-Men. He will apparently play a prominent role in both New Avengers and the main event series, as he decides to abandon his teammates and come over to the X-Men’s side (which is the correct side, fyi). More publicity for Iron Fist, and more prominence. What is it all leading to?

It’s leading to issue #6 of Defenders, which doesn’t even attempt to hide what we’ve all been suspecting now for quite a while: Marvel are planning to relaunch Iron Fist. The cover features Iron Fist, Misty Knight (looking…. frankly, pretty terrible, if we’re being honest. Thankfully the interiors will be drawn by Victor Ibanez, and not Terry Dodson), the Prince of Orphans, and Fat Cobra – with a cursory reference to the fact this is meant to be a Defenders title coming in the form of a small Silver Surfer cameo. Is this proof enough that come the end of AvX, Marvel are going to give Danny Rand a new ongoing series?


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