Nightwing’s Fans Offer A Rebuttal

A few days ago Comics Vanguard wrote an article about the New 52’s treatment of Nightwing, otherwise known as Dick Grayson, otherwise known as Batman 2.0, otherwise known as Nightwing again. Well, it appears that we got it all wrong about the five or six issues Nightwing has appeared in thus far, and have been offered a rebuttal by some of Nightwing’s biggest fans. In the interests of fairness and representation, here are some of those responses.

“I do NOT like Nightwing because he “beats himself up” over women or because he, supposedly, has difficulty maintaining a relationship with a woman.

In fact, I like Nightwing for precisely the opposite reason.” ~ dedicatedfollower467

“That article is so full of manure I can smell it pouring off my laptop!” ~ Angelschilde

“I’m a woman. I like Nightwing because he’s intelligent, easygoing, tough, strong, competent and not afraid to pick himself back up after a fall. He’s spent years looking at the seamy side of life, faced triumph and tragedy and still hasn’t lost his idealism.

He’s never been lovelorn. More of a serial monogamist.

It sounds as if you’re saying women only respect men they can look down on. Nothing could be further from the truth.” ~ dragonbat

“Why do women like Nightwing? I may not be thinking enough about it, but he’s a modern day prince/billionaire’s son who’s ridiculously good looking and in his early 20s. Also, he fits as the noble nomadic carnie with nothing tying him down. He’s a charismatic leader. He’s funny. He’s a limber gymnast and a swashbuckling hero. For a little kink, he’s also the neighbor’s kid that grew up. I’m not a woman, but I can’t find anything in there that is thought of as unappealing to women. Oh, he’s also very open and honest about his emotions, comically humble, smart, considerate and is a really good listener. This may be why women like Nightwing…. Oh, and his costume is a skin tight black leotard that shows off his muscles and tush with accented lines along the front and down his arms that broaden his chest and gives the feeling he gives great hugs and a Domino mask that does absolutely nothing to hide his always perfect hair.” ~ Gerard

“Sorry, but this ISN’T AT ALL the reason why I like Nightwing. I don’t like him because he’s some kind of lovelorn Boy-Next-Door who can’t stay in a relationship with a woman. I LOVE Nightwing because he is capable of maintaining deep and meaningful relationships with other characters of all kinds, from the younger heroes who see him as a leader and the older heroes who have watched him come into his own. I love Nightwing for the fact that even after a break-up or a strange one-night-stand, he can stay friends with a girl because he’s a friendly person who genuinely respects and cares for her. Yes, Nightwing frequently has girlfriends who are smarter, more powerful and (dare I say it) taller than he is. But that’s another thing I like about him. He’s not afraid of women OR belittling to them; they are his equals, his partners, and his friends. I can’t think of an attitude I find more attractive. I don’t understand why you’ve come to these conclusions… maybe this is what Rebooted Dick might become” ~ Erienne

Personally, I like him [Nightwing] because he has a nice bum” ~ jrfan


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