Three Little Images

Before we head into London’s Supercon and I attempt to sift diamonds from the dense bed of silt that is my handwritten set of notes; in America there was a second convention occurring at the same time, run by Image Comics. IMAGECON (was that the name? it seems like it might be) saw many surprise guests and a planeload of new titles announced, including work by Nick Spencer, Brian Wood, Ming Doyle, Frank Quitely and more. Here are three of the most exciting announcements from the con.

3: MARA by Brian Wood and Ming Doyle

A series designed by Wood and Doyle to be a rebuttal to the at-times-apparent sexism of the mainstream comic-book industry, Mara will tell the story of a young athlete whose prowess becomes her undoing when she begins to develop super-powers. Wood is looking to write a story which puts the protagonist firmly in the spotlight as an empowered, progressive female character.

2: HAPPY! by Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson

Something to do with Christmas, and the first of many miniseries Morrison plans to write for Image over the next few years. He’ll continue to write for DC, as well as Vertigo, but it looks like he’ll be slowly moving away from the mainstream comic-book world to build himself up more strongly as a brand.

1: PHONOGRAM: THE IMMATERIAL GIRL by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson

Finally Gillen and McKelvie get round to telling us more about Emily Aster, the damaged but improving former-goth chick turned artsy lesbo turned… whatever she is now. A six-issue miniseries which Gillen promises will once more subvert the way that the narrative is ravelled (everybody talks about things unravelling, but it’s time to bring back RAVELLING you guys), we’ll be seeing cameos from characters like Dave Kohl and Kid-With-Knife (one assumes, second bracket within the same sentence) and a few other tricks. Will there still be appendixes? We can but hope.


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