Janet K. Lee’s Alicephabet

What a massive struggle of an article title. Say it out loud three times and see if it starts to even remotely work as a pun. Then please write down your thoughts on the back of a postcard, re-read your thoughts, put a stamp on it and throw the postcard away. As per usual Comics Vanguard operating procedure.

So hey! Janet K. Lee has illustrated a book called “The Wonderland Alphabet”, a book designed to help children learn to read the alphabet. There are twenty-six pages, and each one has a different letter and a character from the Alice in Wonderland series whose name starts with that letter. We start with A, and I’m going to go ahead and assume that we end with Z. Now, this is a book which may not see publication over here in the UK – in the US it’ll be published this April by Archaia – but it’s never not an appropriate time to enjoy more art by Janet K. Lee, guys. Here’s the first entry!


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