How British is ‘Steed and Mrs Peel’?

Released this week was issue #2 of ‘Steed and Mrs Peel’, Grant Morrison and Ian Gibson’s comic-book adaptation of the classic British TV show starring Patrick Macnee and Diana Rigg (and Joanna Lumley, never forget). Published by Boom!, this six-issue miniseries isn’t actually allowed to be called THE AVENGERS because apparently somebody else already has a claim on that title, but do not fear: this is exactly the same sort of tone as the TV show used to be. And if you remember just how British the show was, then you’re already prepared to accept that this comic is also going to be EXCEEDINGLY British indeed. But how British? Let’s delve into it.

One of the central characters is Steed, a secret agent who wears a bowler hat and carries an umbrella at all times. BRITISHNESS + 40

The other character is Mrs Peel, a secret agent who sometimes wears a catsuit but here spends most of her time in a more refined jumper. BRITISHNESS + 6

The game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ is referred to as ‘Chutes and Ladders’. BRITISHNESS – 30

Steed is unfailing polite to everyone he meets. BRITISHNESS + 5

There is a character called Doris. BRITISHNESS + 14

Cricket references are made. BRITISHNESS + 7

Mrs Peel wears colours to a funeral. BRITISHNESS – 13

It rains at the funeral. BRITISHNESS + 4

Somebody gets drunk. BRITISHNESS + 6

Steed takes off his hat in the presence of a dead body. BRITISHNESS + 9

Mrs Peel flies a kite. BRITISHNESS + 2

She lets go of the kite for no reason. BRITISHNESS – 5

Then she says “good heavens!”. BRITISHNESS + 15


So overall that gives Steed and Mrs Peel a Britishness of 86. Jolly good show all round!


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