Kickstarting The Only Living Boy

As every comic book site is allowed to make reference to at least one Kickstarter project (it’s in the unwritten Comic Site Code which all writers are forced to not sign when they first decide to type online), we’ve decided that the project for us is THE ONLY LIVING BOY. You may remember this as a teaser image we first reported back in January, but now writer David Gallaher and artist Steve Ellis have revealed the details about the story, and what’s going on here.

The Only Living Boy will be a series of four 50-page stories, telling the post-apocalyptic story of Erik Farell, a twelve-year old boy who wakes up one morning to find out that, yes, he is the only living human still on Earth. MONSTERS have taken over, along with a series of bizarre creatures led by someone called “Dreaded Lord Ballikar” and also featuring FIENDISH DOCTOR ONCE. Anybody who has FIENDISH in their name scores top marks with us, you guys. Erik has to find out what’s going on, not get killed, and so on. You know how it is.

The creative team plan to have the first of the four volumes completed in time for San Diego Comic-Con, with the other three to follow as time goes on.


Okay, that’s our one Kickstarter reference all used up. Now to work out which Etsy shop we should link you to…


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