Marvel Reveal Their New Nova

It’s the Nova for their ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ cartoon series… but he also appears to be coming to the regular Marvel Universe very soon. With Richard Rider, the classic Nova, currently dead, writer Jeph Loeb has turned his attention to creating a new member of the Nova Corps to take up Rich’s mantle. “Nova is an enormously popular character,” Loeb states in an interview with “When the decision in publishing was for Rich Rider to sacrifice himself [at the climax of THE THANOS IMPERATIVE] we wanted to respect that. We all know that there are other members of the Nova Corp and this is the story of one such member –Sam Alexander”

This is all notable because Jeph Loeb also happens to be the writer who first brought a new Nova into the comic-book universe, during the “Point One” one-shot issue released last year. That Nova was never named, but looks to be the herald of the ‘Avengers Vs X-Men’ event and frontline against the Phoenix Force. Will Sam Alexander turn out to be the new Nova in the comic-book continuity as well as the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon continuity?


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