Valiant Comics Stampede Into The Spotlight

With the rise of Image over the past few… well, weeks, it seems that the big two publishers are starting to come under fire from the independents, recently. With Dark Horse and IDW also stepping up their marketing to capitalise on a faltering New 52 and uninspiring Avengers/X-Men event, now it’s the turn of Valiant Comics to try and get a foot through the door. The company have announced four new series today, each one starting this Summer. And some of them have some pretty amazing creative teams attached to them.

Harbinger will be written by Joshua Dysart and drawn by Khari Evans. It tells the story of Pete Stanchek, who appears to have superpowers brought on by his being a ‘Harbinger’. Harbingers can do stuff like reshape the universe, and be psychic, and be either very evil or rather lovely. Which will Pete be?

X-O Manowar by Robert Venditti and Cary Nord will see a warrior prince get kidnapped by aliens, and attempt to escape by stealing a valuable weapon which will turn him into a powerful being called X-O MANOWAR. Yeah, I really did just write that sentence. And you know you loved it.

Swierczynski!! Duane Swierczynski!! Joined by artists Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi to tell us a story about what appears to be a schizophrenic man whose different personalities all happen to be massively important to the military… which makes it unfortunate that he’s just fallen into enemy hands.

And finally, our best friend Fred Van Lente will team up with Clayton Henry for a story in which a boy brainwashed for years into being a vessel for evil… decides not to be evil anymore, team up with the person he’s been told to assassinate, and go on the run. Covers for this one will be by David Aja!

Sounds fun, right?


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