RIP Jean Giraud, Moebius, 1938-2012

The pioneering artist Jean Giraud, otherwise known as both Moebius and Gir, has passed away at the age of 73. As an artist and designer he is widely considered to be one of the most creative, innovative, and important creators to ever put pencil to paper. Born in France, Giraud first began creating comics at the age of 18 finding initial success amongst a small but growing audience. But perhaps his first breakthrough comic was Fort Navajo, created with writer Jean-Michel Charlier, which also introduced the World to one of Giraud’s most famous and enduring characters: Blueberry.

A few years later, Giraud created the Moebius identity for himself, creating revolutionary artwork for books like The Airtight Garage and L’Incal. These were comics which inspired a generation of American artists, who took this as a call to catch up, or be left behind. Months ago we spoke to Steven Sanders about Giraud, and he spoke about his admiration for, in particular, The Airtight Garage:

“I read [The Airtight Garage] in early high school in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and it made me obsessed with European and Japanese comics. Not to knock the American market, but the stories being told, and the art featured in these books were decades ahead of what was happening here in the states, (or at least what I could find at my local comic shop) and thusly they pretty much blew my mind.”

Moebius worked continually over the next few decades, both in his own work and for companies like Marvel. But his talent for design was not just left for the comic-book world: he also worked as a designer for films like Alien, The Fifth Element, Tron and The Abyss. An inspiring figure whose work has inspired countless generations of artists, some of Giraud’s most recent work was the six-volume series ‘Inside Moebius’, which showed him still pioneering and pushing comic-book artwork into places nobody could’ve thought up but him. He leaves behind an enduring legacy the likes of which will never be matched. He was an inspiration and an icon.

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