The Comics Vanguard Postbox

You may notice that on the right side of the page is an email address for Comics Vanguard. Well, every so often I check that email to see what new things have cropped up. Most of the mail seems to come from a man in Chicago who believes he is the second coming of Thor, but from time to time I get little worthwhile things. Links to other articles, comics to review, that sort of thing. So, well, it’s time to dive in headfirst and see what’s going on in the Comics Vanguard postbox this month…

Kaitlin Cole has written a list, quite interesting to look through, of 12 colleges in America who don’t shun comics as a form of reference, and are actively encouraging the use of them for research. I’ve had a little personal experience with this myself, having gone to a University which DIDN’T take comics as a serious form of literature and tried to penalise my dissertation for being ‘too obtuse’. Granted I wrote 1000 words about a single panel of Y: The Last Man and didn’t provide a reference image, but have you tried scanning a comic panel onto a laptop? It’s a nightmare. Comics are just as valid as anything else (and more valid than beat poetry) , so it’s worthwhile celebrating the colleges which don’t close their minds to the value of the illustrated page.

Jason Lenox got in contact to talk about a Kickstarter Project he’s setting up, for a comic called ‘Through The Eyes of Grizelda’. He’s looking for $1000 to set up the project, and has already accumulated three quarters of that total. It’s actually a rather lovely looking piece, with some great art from Lenox which is currently in black and white. If the project makes the target, they’ll be able to distribute and colour the story, which was written by David Paul.

Somebody for a company I’m not going to mention are interested in paying Comics Vanguard $15 to write an article about watch straps. I’m considering it.

Barry Nugent is the author of the novel Fallen Heroes, which has recently spun off into a series of graphic novels which expand upon the world of his book. Written and drawn by a number of different artists, and featuring a foreword by Jonathan Ross, the graphic novel is available online right now as a digital download via the Unseen Shadows website.

Thor wants us to know that he hasn’t forgotten about us, and that if we pay just a small subscription fee he will be able to let us join his coat-button manufacturing business. This will apparently make us nine times the amount of money we put into it, and seems like a rather good deal, all things considered.

And if you want to get in contact with us and let us know about your upcoming projects, or want to shout abuse, or sell us something, then you can contact the site at

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