Killing Jokes

Just a quick announcement before I delve deeply back into this issue of Y: The Last Man. I’ve been invited to start writing for Comics Bulletin, and have ACCEPTED that offer. I’ll still be here, of course (hopefully there’ll be so more exciting things coming up soon for lil’ ol’ Comvan, including a few interviews and such), but now you can get BONUS CONTENT just by going over to

My weekly column is called ‘Killing Jokes’, a play on the idea that ‘killing’ a joke means you’ve pulled it off successfully. Also apparently Alan Moore wrote a story about it once or something but whatever. Every week I’m going to be pulling apart stories and characters to see how, at their heart, it’s humour that makes them work. Or fail! Sometimes I’ll focus on failures. Please go read it, it’s not too bad I promise. And if there are any funny characters, stories, or writers you think I should fit into a future piece, tell me about it! I’m obviously going to ignore you and continue being an auteur, but perhaps something you say might get through to me on a subconscious level and I’ll accidentally write something you suggest. Auteur!

Anyway, let’s get back to Comics VANGUARD right? Amirite? AmI? I’m so right you guys.


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