Brian Wood Takes Over Adjectiveless X-Men

Another Wondercon announcement for the X-Men, this time revealing that Victor Gischler and the editorially-mandated elements of Adjectiveless X-Men will both leave in May, and Brian Wood will take over the book. Previously a team-up which set up a slightly varied team of characters with a random Marvel hero or team for no particular reason (with every fifth or sixth issue dealing with Jubilee), the title will now fully-embrace the spy elements which were brought in with the Regenesis revamp. Joining Wood for the book will be artist David Lopez, who has been wasted on New Mutants and will hopefully pep things up a bit over on X-Men.

The team will also change. Jubilee will vanish, which bodes ominously for her particular future (unless Marjorie Liu wants her for Astonishing), and Warpath will also leave, thank goodness. Taking their place will be PIXIE, the greatest of all X-Men, taking her place alongside Colossusnaut, Storm, Domino and Psylocke. The spy stories will start in June – and Jorge Molina will continue to provide the covers.


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