25 Great SuperDoop Moments

It’s all about finding those great moments for Doops in superhero comics…you know the ones…the ones that leave you with goose bumps, that leave you breathless, that leave you in love. We all have different definitions of what inspires us from Doop in superhero comics.

I thought I’d do a piece about some of the moments that have meant the most to me over my years of reading. I make no argument that these are the “best ever” moments…just that they’re the moments that have curled my toes. Which ones curled yours? Let me know!

25: Doop fights the Avengers

When the Avengers came gunning for X-Statix towards the end of that series, Doop was right there on the frontlines, fighting them and stopping their fascist plots.

24: Doop is an excellent cameraman

Hired to be the cameraman for X-Force, Doop proved his skills as a wartime reporter time and time again. Most would have panicked and ran for cover, but Doop stood his ground to make sure he got every grim detail on film.

23: Doop outclasses Gambit in combat

22: Doop murders Corkscrew

Corkscrew was an unruly recruit who murdered somebody while trying-out to join X-Statix. Doop took him into the woods for a lovely camping trip, to talk to him one-on-one about why he felt the need to murder. Having decided not to bother with the heart-to-heart once they both got there, Doop instead killed Corkscrew with an axe.

21: Doop spells things out to Wolverine

20: Doop gives a thumbs up

19: Doop is drawn by Katie Cook

18: Doop is not affected by time manipulation

Lacuna tried to make X-Force into a laughing stock by using her ability to manipulate time to play pranks on them. Doop was unaffected.

17: Doop relaxes with Wolverine

16: Doop’s brain explodes

Luckily he keeps a spare in his arse.

15: Doop films a sex tape

Doop caught his manager having a threesome with two girls who were NOT his girlfriend! So he filmed it, made it public, and got his manager in severe trouble with the missus.

14: Doop invades Asgard

13: Doop is bisexual

Doop was hired to shadow somebody’s wife, but the client then fell in love with Doop instead! So Doop took him home.

12: Doop teams up with Wolverine

11: Doop takes charge during a fire drill

During a recent invasion of the Jean Grey School, Doop kept a cool head and marshalled the kids towards an exit.

10: Doop exhausts Doug Ramsey

After hours ot torturous interrogation, Doop eventually decided to let Doug go. But he’ll be keeping an eye on you in future, Ramsey..

9: Doop gets some action


7: Doop extracts a confession from Gambit

6: Doop eats Mjolnir

Then he replicated it several times. While Thor tried to pick out the right hammer, Doop made his sneaky exit from battle.

5: Doop saves U-Go-Girl’s life

By getting Wolverine involved in an X-Force mission, Doop was able to save the lives of his teammates U-Go-Girl and Orphan. Good one, Doop!

4: Doop intimidates Magneto

3: Doop is not killed in the first issue of X-Force

Not an easy feat.

2: Doop teaches religion

1: Doop enters his own dimension

Obsessed with a zit that had grown on his head, Doop popped the offending wart. ONLY TO BE SUCKED INTO A DIMENSION WITHIN HIS OWN MIND. Such are the complex mysteries of Doop

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