Emerald City Comic-Con Roundup

The mainstream industry is still busy working out if Gambit is stronger than Iron Man, meaning that this past weekend’s Emerald City Comic-Con belonged to the small-presses. There were numerous announcements made at the event, many of them relating to new books being published by unexpected people. Here’s a short roundup of who’s doing what, with whom, and for why.

Sunset for Christos Gage

Top Cow have announced that they will be releasing their first-ever original graphic novel later this year, as Sunset by Christos Gage and Jorge Lucas is set to reach stores in July. A hard-man noir which Clint Eastwood is probably dying to turn into a film someday, the story is about a man who pulled off his ‘one last heist’ successfully and settled down to enjoy it. But when forces from his past wreck that life and kill his wife, he decided to go on a suicide mission to bring down the people who’re trying to destroy him. Top Cow will be publishing a comic-sized version of the story, clipping the first twenty or so pages, on the same day as the OGN itself. So fans can essentially try it before they buy it.

Dark Horse Comics to publish Bucko

Jeff Parker and Erica Moen’s webcomic moves into print in September, as Dark Horse have agreed to collect the just-wrapped series into trade. Ostensibly a murder-mystery, Bucko quickly went off the rails and started going into bizarre, hilarious tangents which ended up with gypsy queens and all kinds of bondage nonsense.


Revival by Tim Seeley and Mike Norton

Image comics will be publishing a new series by creators Tim Seeley and Mike Norton in July. A noir set in Wisconsin, the book focuses on a single police officer as she attempts to keep the crimes rates down in a small town where, hey, the dead have started coming back to life, a little. Seeley will write and Norton will draw.

Scott Pilgrim in Colour

The original Scott Pilgrim books were released by Oni Press in black and white, which kept it feeling similar in tone to manga but also meant a few of the more subtle plot points – like Ramona’s glowing head – were hard for readers to pick up on. Well, in August the series will begin to be published in full-colour, with the work done by Nathan Fairbarn. The original black and white series will remain in publication, however, giving readers the opportunity to collect whichever set they wish.

Tony Harris brings Roundeye to Image

A long-gestating project which was funded by Kickstarter, Tony Harris’ Roundeye is a comic which fans have been eagerly anticipating for years. A samurai story which is essentially a love-letter to Harris’ wife, the book will be a six-issue series, with a hardcover coming later on in the year.


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