Comics Vanguard Are Not Bitter About This Whole ‘Eisner Snub’ Thing

2012 Nominations

Best Comics-Related Journalism

The AV Club Comics Panel, by Noel Murray, Oliver Sava et al.

What the f***?! The AV Club don’t even write about Justice League Dark! I’d like to see Tasha Robinson and Sean O’Neal eloquently write their way round an extended Pixie metaphor! This is **&^ng *^&%s^%&! All these guys ever do is REVIEW comics! What kind of journalism is that?? Have they ever had EXCLUSIVE SCOOPS? No!! BECAUSE ALL THEY DO IS REVIEW THINGS! They don’t ever have exclusives, pfft w/e guys call me when you’re real journalists yeah? The kind who don’t laze around all day being full-time writers but WORK HARD during the day and then spend thirty, maybe forty minutes writing about comics.

The Beat, produced by Heidi MacDonald et al.

OH C’MON?! You’re going to nominate a website without ANY COOL PICTURES?! All The Beat has is quality writing about industry news, with the occasional link to a video about cats! That can barely compare to the image-heavy weight of Comics Vanguard!! What’s Heidi MacDonald done for the industry recently apart from help bring Y: The Last Man into existence and repeatedly campaign for more fairness and equality in industry standards? Has she ever heard of Darkstar?! I DOUBT IT

The Comics Journal, edited by Gary Groth, and The Comics Journal website

For f*^&5 sake everybody knows that it’s a blog, not a journal. Gary Groth? Sounds like a Stan Lee character! With the ability to be NOT AS GOOD AS COMICS VANGUARD AT INTERVIEWING CLASSY PEOPLE LIKE JAMES ASMUS AND FRED VAN LENTE!!

The Comics Reporter, produced by Tom Spurgeon

This is ridiculous. Tom Spurgeon may be many things – a better writer than me, taller, smarter, better at networking, stronger at interviews, quicker to get scoops…. I’ve lost track of things. I bet he wishes he could get occasional thanks from writers like Paul Cornell after writing a positive review of their latest comics and then spam-linking it to them on Twitter!! COMICS VANGUARD WILL NOT STAND FOR THE INJUSTICE OF EXCLUSION

TwoMorrows Publications

It’s spelt TOMORROW! And you can never have TWO of them! There is only ever a single morrow on the horizon!

I’m not bitter about this but in all fairness it IS a f*^%$ng disgrace which taints America forever by association.


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