Marvel Hint at new All-Female Title

The Fearless, Marvel’s twelve-issue maxiseries which span out of Fear Itself, concludes today, with a final battle between Valkyrie and a giant robot monster. It’s a fun issue, which gives Valkyrie a great showing as a character, as well as a devastating burn aimed at her nemesis, Sin. Read the issue and you’ll know the one I mean.

But from the end of this book come hints of a new title. Towards the end, there are definite signs that Marvel are planning a new book – perhaps Lady Liberators – which will feature Valkyrie alongside Spider-Woman, Mockingbird, Ms/Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Sharon Carter, Black Widow and Storm. It’s certainly looking like Marvel have plans for the characters, although obviously nothing has been announced just yet. But on the back of the recent announcement about Carol Danvers, it seems like the Lady Liberators may just be on their way back…

(Note: Actual Lady Liberators relaunch cover will probably not be as Frank Cho-y as this one)


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