Dark Horse Go All-Out on their Buffy Franchise

Having ripped the cast of Angel from IDW’s despairing hands, Dark Horse have now decided to capitalise on the success of their Joss Whedon license by adding two more spin-offs to Buffy Season 9. These have just been announced by Entertainment Weekly. Sitting alongside the main Buffy series and Christos Gage’s ‘Angel & Faith’ book will now come two more books, both from surprising sources..

The first will be a Spike series written by Victor Gischler and drawn by Paul Lee. The book will spin out from the remnants of that terrible ‘Buffy Season 8’ series, hopefully looking to find the same magic of Gage’s book. Covers will be by Jo Chen, as you can probably tell. SWOON, am I right? Spike will start in August.

And here’s the more surprising announcement: Jeff Parker will be writing a Willow series, drawn by Brian Ching. Yes, apparently Jeff Parker is now wandering from the pale arms of Marvel and jumping up onto the *ahem* saddle of Dark Horse. This book will have covers from David Mack – another Marvel guy who seems to be wandering free nowadays. Willow starts in November.


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