C2E2: From Stegman’s Fantastic Four to Gillen on Mighty Thor

Marvel announced a few things at c2e2 this year, and here are the things that they announced. At c2e2. This year. Announced by Marvel. Comics.

Ryan Stegman will be the new regular artist on Fantastic Four starting in August – leaving Scarlet Spider to go join Jonathan Hickman as they start to hit an endgame for Hickman’s run with the world’s greatest superhero team.

Scarlet Spider will therefore have a new artist. This new artist is… Khoi Pham.

Jamie McKelvie is going to join Matt Fraction on The Defenders, and is very keen to draw Dr Strange’s moustache.

A crossover is due to hit the Ultimate Universe called ‘Divided We Fall’. This story will be divided between Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate X-Men, and The Ultimates.

Kieron Gillen is going to join Matt Fraction as a co-writer for The Mighty Thor. Their first story will be a seven-issue crossover between Thor and Journey Into Mystery called ‘Everything Burns’. Alan Davis and Carmine di Giandomenico will draw. Stephanie Hans will do the covers! Yay

And finally…

James Asmus will be writing a new Gambit series, with art by Clay Mann!


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