New Hawkeye Series Announced, Defying Rational Wisdom

Matt Fraction and David Aja have been announced as the creative team behind a new ongoing series for Clint Barton, the hero known as Hawkeye. In keeping with the push for Joss Whedon’s ‘Avengers Assemble’ movie, this series will see Hawkeye wearing the Jeremy Renner costume so new readers can jump onto the book with issue #1. Fraction also promises to stick to short, one/two issue stories, which can only be a good thing.

Now! I know that everyone out there will be wondering why Marvel thinks Hawkeye is a worthwhile character, because that’s the obvious question to ask. He’s annoying, cocksure, but surprisingly bland as a personality. If you had to say what he brings to a team, the only thing anybody could really say is “a bow and arrow, also he may have sex with somebody”. Essentially, this is everything the character has to offer. He wears purple, sleeps with ALL the girls, and has a bow and arrow.

But now we can add something else to that list. That something else is he will be drawn by David Aja. Look at these two covers. I defy you to look at them and not be nearly-swayed into buying this book, which also promises to feature Kate Bishop (the superior character from the Young Avengers) as an apprentice to Barton. And also, Spider-Woman will be around, as apparently she’s the woman Hawkeye is currently doing sex to. So at least Fraction is using the situation to bring in better characters to the book. Hawkeye himself? The blandest! Fraction and Aja working on a Hawkeye book? Pretty tempting.


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