Chris Roberson Walks Away from DC Comics and then they Fire Him

Chris Roberson, the writer of iZombie for DC’s Vertigo imprint (as well as the current IDW miniseries Memorial), announced yesterday that he would be walking away from the publisher permanantly, following the cancellation of his book. iZombie’s cancellation was made apparent a few months ago, but Roberson only finished the script for the final issue over the past few days. It was following his completion of the script that he announced he wouldn’t be working for DC ever again, apparently for ethical reasons. His irritation with DC comes as a result of their decision to publish the ‘Before Watchmen’ series of comics, and their ultimate treatment of Watchmen creator Alan Moore.
Originally told that a year after the book went out of print, the rights to Watchmen would revert back to him, Moore found out that DC were never going to allow his work to ever go out of print. As a result, he has never been able to get the rights back, and DC have gone on to reap profits for years. And now they’re making the Before Watchmen titles, without his permission. Alan Moore is a cranky git sometimes, but this is one of the examples where he’s right to be so. Anyway, Chris Roberson had no other projects lined up with DC anyway, so was able to simply walk away. Oh — apart from one thing.
He was lined up to write the second arc for Bill Willingham’s Fables spinoff, ‘Fairest’, with Sean McManus. The arc would’ve seen him return to the character of Cinderella, and the scripts seem like they had already been written. Seemingly annoyed by Roberson’s declaration, DC have now decided to cancel the arc, pay Roberson for the story, and fire him all at the same time. Seems like a rather petty, silly move, but it certainly doesn’t hurt Roberson’s reputation any. Memorial is out now! We’re four issues into a six-issue story at the moment, with more stories to come!

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