DC and Marvel Studios Team-Up for the Sake of Money

Blogger is basically impossible to use at the moment, so apologies for the short absence these past few days. Anyway! Isn’t it nice to see Marvel and DC getting along? There’ve been jabs between the two sides — friendly and otherwise — for years now, with writers and artists jumping sides every so often like some kind of Mark Millar event storyline or something. Well, even though it isn’t in the comic-side of things, it’s still nice to see the two companies working together for a greater cause. Like marketing.
When you inevitably go to see The Avengers this month, make sure you get to the cinema early, with a bag of chocolate hidden under your coat because it’s so much cheaper to pre-buy your sweets than to get them at the kiosk. Because! The new trailer for The Dark Knight rises, Christopher Nolan’s final part of his Batman trilogy, will be airing directly before The Avengers starts. Holy cross-marketing, readers!

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