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It’s Free Comic Book Day! Go out and celebrate, people! Go celebrate by picking up free comics which are designed to get new readers excited in the idea of becoming regular comic-book readers! Or you could pick up DC’s big FCBD issue, which seems to only exist to satiate deeply-entrenched fans of their New 52, and confuse everybody else.
While the issue is fairly terrible in terms of generating new-reader interest, it does stoke up a question many people were asking in the initial wake of the First New 52 Wave: what happened to Renee Montoya? As overseen by Greg Rucka, Montoya became one of the more popular, complex characters in the DC Universe, moving from alcoholic wreck to faintly-professional detective over the course of a long, hard-fought year. She assumed the identity of ‘The Question’ from the dying Vic Sage and started dispensing faceless justice.
Then the New 52 came and she vanished. The only sign of her was a single panel of Batwoman (an ex-girlfriend of Montoya) staring mournfully at a monochrome photo of the detective. What happened? Was Montoya killed as part of this new universe? Was she still The Question?
The FCBD issue gives us yet another tease as to Renee Montoya’s status. In the first few pages, the Gods who live in the Rock of All Ages sentence three people to punishments. One becomes The Phantom Stranger, while another becomes the purple-robed Pandora. The first, however, becomes a Question. Who is this Question? Good question. But it does at least confirm that the identity of The Question does still exist within the DC Universe, and suggests that Renee may in fact still be alive. But as to her whereabouts? Still unknown. Ho-hum.

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