Sweet Tooth Ends with Issue #40

sweet tooth 36

In a post made to Vertigo’s blog today, writer/artist Jeff Lemire has announced that his Vertigo series Sweet Tooth will be ending in December. In the entry, he stresses that “Sweet Tooth is not being cancelled. The decision to end it at #40 is entirely my choice” and that the finale, shipping in December, will be double-sized and over forty pages long.
Lemire’s work with the series, which focuses on the antlered Gus and his road-trip through a somewhat post-apocalyptic world, swiftly became a fan favourite due to Lemire’s unique, quirky artwork, and offbeat writing. The book has remained one of Vertigo’s most critically-acclaimed series ever since it started in 2009, and helped spotlight Lemire as a creator, leading him into work on books like Animal Man and Frankenstein: Agent of Shade for DC’s New 52 relaunch. The final arc of the series, ‘The Wild Kingdom’, starts in a few weeks, and Lemire promises to wrap up many of the mysteries and dangling plot points of the series as the story heads towards the finale.
Take heart: this may be the end of Sweet Tooth, but it certainly won’t be the end of people wearing antlers at conventions.

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