Marvel and ComiXology Become BFFs

After the announcement earlier this week that Comixology had signed an exclusive digital publishing contract with the relaunched Valiant Comics comes yet another exclusive announcement deal. According to a press release issued today, they now have the exclusive contract to publish Marvel Comics digitally.
Signed a few days ago, the deal means that ComiXology can now publish the entirety of Marvel’s English-language back catalogue, as well as forthcoming titles from the company. Add that to the exclusive rights they already own to publish DC comics, and it appears ComiXology are now developing quite the digital monopoly. If you want a single-issue comic from either of the Big Two companies, readers will now have to go through ComiXology to download.
Although Marvel have been holding back on revealing the results of their recent ‘Infinite Comics’ digital venture, Peter Phillips – General Manager for Marvel Digital Media and possible future alliterative Stan Lee superhero – has suggested that almost 10% of AvX buyers going on to also download a digital version of the same comic. So if you combine this with the increase in growth sales both ComiXology and Marvel have been enjoying over the past year, it’s starting to become very clear that Digital comics are no longer an idea for the future: they’re here, now, and growing.
Questions must also be asked about Mark Waid, and his forewarnings about all this coming to pass. Is he a time traveller? Psychic visionary?

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