Not every story deserves an all-caps celebration title, but Mike Allred drawing Daredevil isn’t the sort of thing you see every day! Well, until now… because Mike Allred will be drawing Daredevil #17 and it’s the sort of you can see RIGHT NOW!

While this is just a one-off story, it sees one of the best artists of all time join up with Mark Waid, whose writing has been inspired on the series, to work together for the first time. Could you be any more excited? NO YOU COULDN’T! The idea to bring Allred onto the book came the artist – a life-long Daredevi fan – sent a fan-letter to editor Steve Wacker praising the title. After publishing the piece in the Daredevil letters page, Wacker couldn’t help but ask Allred if he’d be interested in drawing an issue – can you blame him? Mike Allred is one of the greatest.
So yes, everybody. Mike Allred, Mark Waid, and Daredevil: uniting!!

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