Marvel Sacrifice Northstar

Finally announced today after months of everybody knowing, Marvel have at last made it official that issue #50 of Astonishing X-Men will see Northstar propose to his boyfriend Kyle, leading to Marvel’s first gay wedding.

Hurray! Although on the other hand, this does indicate that Marvel learned nothing from that infamous time they roped Storm into a dubious, rushed marriage with another black character just because both of them were black, and nobody else had done a black/black marriage at that point.
If you all remember, that particular marriage left Storm languishing in a series of terrible storylines, trapped and unable to join in as the rest of the X-Men were written by Grant Morrison, drawn by cool artists, didn’t have stupid regressive dialogue, and were generally interesting. Now it’s Northstar’s turn to get lashed to a dead-end character for the sake of sensationalism.
I am so pro-gay marriage you wouldn’t even believe it, which is something I wish I didn’t have to disclaim as I write this piece. But aside from the fact that he is black and gay, is there a single feature about Kyle which anybody can remember? I can’t even remember if he has long or short hair. He was a throwaway idea from Matt Fraction, which let Northstar finally have some free sex without the comic-book censors blocking it. All very well and good. But then came a series of boring stories which retained the character, who quickly proved to have absolutely no personality whatsoever, and in turn dampened Northstar considerably.
Northstar is one of the absolute last characters who should be falling in love in the Marvel universe. He’s meant to be cynical, sarcastic, and driven, not soppy and romantic. Putting him into a monogamous relationship has been nothing but terrible for the character’s development, and pushed him closer and closer into being ‘the gay’ X-Man. Why this storyline is happening is no surprise, and on a preachy level I appreciate the message. But Kyle is an absolutely abysmal wet blanket, with nothing going on behind those shiny eyes of his. And Northstar is now stuck with him for the rest of his comic-book life! No longer will he be outgoing, aggressive, fun Northstar. Now he’s going to be homemaker Northstar.
Karma was right there, Marvel! She’s impulsive and homosexual, and she could do with a shotgun wedding in her life! And yet you chose to sacrifice Northstar instead. Disappointing! At least this time you gave the PR stunt wedding to a capable writer – Marjorie Liu – which suggests you at least learned a few things from the disasterous Storm marriage.

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