How to survive in the (alien run) wilderness (when jelly monsters want to eat you)

Prophet, one of the ‘Extreme’ books Image have brought back to relaunch over the past few months, comes from a concept originally created by Rob Liefeld. Essentially, a human wakes up from a deep sleep, on Earth, and finds himself in a rural dystopia, savaged by aliens and dominated by weird creatures. Humans have evolved past the point of superiority, and are now a race of backwards monkey-creatures who are used as cattle by the now-supreme alien lifeforms on Earth. Mr Prophet, apparently the last man standing, has to reawaken humanity somehow and try to get Earth back into the hand of good ol’ fashioned hoomans.
As offered by artist Simon Roy and writer Brandon Graham, however, Prophet isn’t anything like a gung-ho as you might expect. Rather, this relaunch of the series is essentially Ray Mears Vs Aliens, with a survival element to the series which makes every small act immediately fascinating and important. If Bishop steps in the wrong swamp or eats the wrong fruit, he will die, and everything will be doomed forever. He has to survive with essentially a knife, torch, and Red Bull, in an alien landscape where even the little rat creatures tend to have five mouths filled with evil teeth. The series is slow paced but glorious for it, not feeling decompressed but instead seeming measured and calm.
It’s a brilliant book, in short. Roy’s designs of the characters are brilliant, with a fur-coat wearing vagina monster being one of my favourites. Graham is content to let the story burn at a steady pace, making readers live through every step of Prophet’s journey across an uncertain terrain, attempting to sneak past unfriendly wildlife and semi-sentient settlers. The book really does feel like an instruction manual for how to survive if you ever get sent to the future and your planet has been taken over by jellyblob monsters.
There’s not much to say, really. It’s an excellent piece of work, and I have no idea where the creative team are going to take things next. Really good stuff.

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