YES! She rides on a flying pony, owns magical gems and has a sword! She is the Princess of Gemworld! And obviously she is one of my favourites. In September DC are allegedly going to be cancelling four titles and replacing them with four news ones, and while three of the incoming books – Batman spinoff Talon, Team Seven and Phantom Stranger – are dryer than a crusty slice of toast stuffed up a scarecrow’s sock, the fourth book will be ALL ABOUT AMETHYST.

Titled Swords and Sorcery, this series will be written by Christy Marx and drawn by Aaron Lopresti starting with a #0 issue in September. The character has been aged up a few years, as you can see, although DC have also put trousers on her so she’s unlikely to be as sexualised as, say, Starfire. The only problem at the moment seems to be the following quote Marx gives in an interview with io9:
I’m trying to avoid a sparkly-crystals-and-pegasuses kind of approach
WHAAAAAATT!?! Since when has any book ever been hurt by having sparkly crystals and flying ponies in it?! This is an outrage. If Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld is coming back, I simply demand that she be riding a flying pony by the end of the first issue!
Don’t worry, guys: I am sure as HECK going to keep you informed about this one. 

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