Spider-Men #1 Review

I had the chance to review an advance copy of Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli’s Spider-Men #1 for The Beat, and you can read the full review here. But as the issue comes out today, I’m going to crop a paragraph or two from the piece so you can have an idea of what I thought – basically, I recommend it!

While Bendis’ script is solid, there are several moments – especially during a scene midway through – which would’ve crashed without someone as flexible as Pichelli to handle them. Her decision to stick rigidly to a panel layout means that the fight scenes can sometimes feel a little like a progression of moves, instead of a fluid, flowing fight, however. Her refusal to break between panels does slow things a little. But it’s more than made up for through her actual fight choreography, which rolls across slowly and allows readers the chance to see what’s actually going on. There are no wasted panels of posing and charging – these is a properly assembled fight sequence.

The script does at times hint that a sense of extremely artificial danger is going to be blown up as the story continues – Bendis does have a tendency to mishandle the building-up of tension in his superhero stories sometimes, making them feel deflated and directionless. And really, I enjoyed the fun, carefree moments so much that I hope the forthcoming issues aren’t going to hammer a sense of tension into readers – this should be fun, not serious. There’s also a lack of Miles at the moment, with the first issue told entirely from Peter’s viewpoint. That’s a small complaint though – Bendis isn’t going to ignore his creation in a book called Spider-Men. This is a character-focused story, and Miles will surely have his time to shine as it continues

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