James Asmus Joins Thief of Thieves

Robert Kirkman’s newest and least head-smashing-innest series is Thief of Thieves, which is obviously published by Image. This is an interesting project, because Kirkman oversees the project as a stylised show-runner, while a number of different writers hop on for each arc. It’s a little like the way Joss Whedon ran Buffy Season #8, although this one doesn’t seem set to become an absolute mess which wrecks a beloved franchise for years.

After Nick Spencer’s opening arc – which ends in August – Kirkman has announced that the second arc will be written by Comics Vanguard’s very own James Asmus! Yes, we have claimed him. If you wish to use him, you’ll have to wait for us to go a year without mentioning his name, and then bring your lawyers over. Anyway, Asmus will jump on in September, continuing the story about a conman and his decision to qui-wait no he gets pulled into more work. If you’ll remember we gave the first issue, drawn by Shawn Martinbrough, a rather positive review. Martinbrough, that is, who has yet to take a break and is still drawing issues monthly as of September’s issue #8. Fairly impressive for the modern age of comics, eh?


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